Men’s Wedding Attire


If you thought dressing up for weddings is only meant for ladies, you are wrong! Today’s men have become very metrosexual about everything in their life, and weddings have become a great occasion for them to suit-up. So, let us take a look at wedding attire ideas for guests as well as the groom, based on wedding themes.

Casual Attire

A casual wedding theme is sure to confuse men in deciding what to wear―a casual look or a wedding look! If the wedding is based on a casual theme, you have a number of options to wear.

Casual men’s wedding attire can be characterized as a more relaxed, more laid-back kind of semi-formal dressing. A casual wedding obviously mans less formalities. It cannot get more obvious that a black tie is a big NO-NO. But that does not mean that wearing a t-shirt is appropriate! If you have to attend a casual wedding as a guest, consider wearing a light-colored short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt with a button down pattern. If you are young enough to wear bright colors and can carry them well, you can

Something You Need to Know About How to Choose a Pair of Men’s Shoes


Since men are not as sensitive to fashion as women are, they often feel confused when it comes to choosing appropriate men’s shoes. In this case, women need to help to select the right shoes for their men. However, it is not an easy work as many women think of, thus, some useful tips about how to choose men’s footwear seems to be rather necessary and informative.

First of all, know well about your man’s personal style and the occasion that he will attend. Different options should be based on different personal styles and different occasions. If your man likes casual style, sneakers are absolutely the most perfect choice for him. But on formal occasions, such as at work or in business meetings, sneakers are rather inappropriate, then at this time, you need to choose a pair of loafers which falls between formal and semi-formal style. Your man can wear them both at work and after work. When you man is going to attend a fashion event, preparing a pair of oxfords can upgrade his fashion style greatly.

Then you need to consider the pairing

5 Cool Ways to Spike Your Hair


Bid Those Hair Gels Goodbye!
If you are tired of spiking your hair with gel and game for experimenting, then you can always go for a sculpting paste, mousse, putty, or even a hair oil!
A spiked hairstyle is quite a thing with men and young boys, and the amount of time some will put to get the perfect spiked look, makes us tweak the original phrase, “Don’t stand there with curlers on your hair” to “Don’t stand there spiking your hair!” Well, you can’t blame men for this. Just as a coiffure is fastidiously set for a woman, a man too, likes to invest some time to get the desired spiked look perfect, and yes, the spiked hair ain’t that complicated at all. But yes, to know what kind of spiked hairdo would square with your hair, you will need to understand the three important factors that hold sway over your style―texture, density, and length.

Those of you who find themselves in hot water over spiked hairstyle and are in a fix as to how to spike their hair, the following ways to

Groomsmen Tuxedo

Groomsmen perform almost the same duties for a groom that a maid of honor does for the bride at a wedding. From listening to any pre-wedding jitters, to helping the groom get dressed, from assisting guests at the wedding to taking care of the gifts and other small details after the wedding, the groomsmen do it all for the groom. It’s only obvious that their tuxedos be elegant enough to highlight just how important they are to the groom. Read on for everything you need to know about groomsmen tuxedos and how to get them.

Wedding Theme: The tuxedos should blend with the theme of the wedding. If there is no particular theme or color scheme, then you can choose to match the color of the tuxedos with that of the groom’s. Choose to blend or contrast the colors of both. Nothing works like contrast!

Buy or Rent: Buying a tuxedo is an expensive affair. And it doesn’t make sense unless you’re absolutely sure that you’re going to be attending weddings or other formal events often. Hence, it’s a better idea to rent a tuxedo for the groomsmen for your wedding. There are many rental outlets where you can get great and

Wedding Outfits for Men

You haven’t yet decided your wedding outfit when it’s just round the corner! And you are still thinking on the same lines, ‘what to wear’, ‘will it suit me’, and so on. Being the perfect groom is every man’s desire. But how do you achieve that Mr. Perfect look? I’m sure you would love to grab the ideas for wedding outfits for men mentioned in the upcoming content.

Traditional Outfits

Traditional outfits are timeless and a true reflection of ethnicity. You can pick up some good old ideas for traditional apparels for yourself. A traditional attire consists of three parts, a tuxedo jacket, a vest or cummerbund, along with formal pants. You can tailor your jacket either as double breasted or single breasted. Two or three golden/silver buttons neatly attached, render elegance to the jacket. Team up with a matching neck tie or a bow tie. You can also clip a boutonnière on the pocket. The daytime invites light color outfits, while you can opt for dark shades garments at night. While deciding the garment, you should also take the color coordination into consideration.

The most preferred combination is black and white, silver and black, brown and white, gray and white, black and

Men’s Beach Wedding Attire

Everyone wants their dream wedding. One that they have always imagined in their head, a wedding that would be unique and beautiful and would have everyone talking about it. For many of my acquaintances, a beach wedding has always been the most fascinating and unique way of celebrating wedded bliss. A beach wedding is almost always gorgeous, especially because of the beautiful setting. But what can be confusing for most people is the perfect beach wedding clothes. For women, there is a lot that has been said about the subject but deciding on the perfect attire for men is a task that can be definitely confusing. In this article, we tell you how you can pick out your attire for a beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Attire for the Groom

Unlike regular weddings, beach weddings call for comfortable attire and also clothing that does not get rumpled very easily. Also, if the wedding has some sort of a theme, then you will need to stick to that while choosing your clothes. What you wear will completely depend on how formal or casual the event is. Given below are some tips that should help you pick the perfect clothes.

If you are having a very

5 Simple Fashion Tips That Every Man Should Know

Who says that men don’t care about fashion? Most men actually prefer to look their best at all times and for all events, whether headed in for a day of work or a day out with a special lady. The difficulty arises when men try to find sources of inspiration, news for the latest trends, etc. it seems there is a lack of quality information concerning men’s fashion, and the guys are often left to fend for themselves and try to figure out how to dress with the latest fashion trends in mind.

To eliminate the headache and the hard work of staying on top of the latest fashion trends, take a look at these 5 awesome tips made just for men. These tips make it possible to look your best and stay on top of the latest trends.

1. What Makes you Comfortable?

The most important fashion top that must be kept in mind: keep it comfortable. Trying to dress like someone else will leave you feeling very uncomfortable and ready to come out of the clothes rather than flaunt them to everyone that you see. Whether you want a dress suit or a pair of jeans, be sure that it

Mens Boat Shoes Are in This Season

Men can broadly be divided into two main categories when it comes to their attitude towards clothing and accessories. The first kind of man is the man’s man or the traditional man who only really sees clothes as something to keep them covered and a necessary evil that they have to spend money on. The second type of man is the fashion conscious man who takes a lot of care of the way he looks and dresses and spends a fair amount of time as well as money on locating the best that money can buy. He also likes to invest in accessories and a fair amount of time and energy on personal grooming and on his appearance. This second type of man is relatively a new animal on the social scene and a term has been coined to describe this kind of man, metro sexual.

For the first time ever this season there is a style trend in clothing and accessories for men though that has all men scrambling towards the nearest shoe store to get themselves a pair of new shoes. The new trend and hot fashion tip of this season for men is men’s boat shoes. These

Top 10 Fashion Tips For Men

  1. It’s all about the Shoes Baby. You ever wonder why women are so obsessed with shoes? To tell you the truth I don’t really know myself, but you should be aware that shoes are a big part of a woman’s life and they will definitely notice what kind of shoes you are wearing. Always have 3-4 pairs of footwear that you keep clean, polished & in pristine condition; I recommend having 1 pair of dark brown dress shoes that will look good with jeans, 1 pair of sleek black dress shoes for slightly more formal occasions, get yourself some cool looking sandals for summertime outings, and when you go sporty go with a nice pair of white cross trainers. Never mix up sporty wear with formal shoes or the other way around, women WILL notice your shoes and if you’re sporting some ugly kicks then she’ll write you off fairly quickly as a guy who lacks style.
  2. Don’t be Afraid to Accessorize. A couple of cool accessories such as a nice watch, an interesting necklace or bracelet will add to your overall sex appeal. Get accessories that match with your overall style and appearance and remember not to go overboard with

The Origins Of Cornrow Updo Hairstyles

Because they’re currently popular with young people and the hip hop and rap communities, cornrows may seem like a modern and cutting edge hairstyle. However, they’ve actually been around for hundreds of years. They’ve achieved this popularity because of their versatility and maintainability. These factors make cornrow updo hairstyles perfect for a variety of occasions.

A cornrow is a tiny braid which is woven right next to the scalp, sort of like a french braid. It can take hours to cover an entire head in these plaits, but the result is a clean, polished look. The first people to braid hair in such a way lived in Africa, where different regions had different customs associated with the braids. For instance, only women traditionally wore their hair in cornrows in Nigeria, while warriors and kings wore them in Ethiopia. The hairstyle was brought to America by slaves, who continued to practice it as a way to hold onto their traditions.

By the middle of the 20th century, it had become unpopular to wear one’s hair in cornrows. Most black women chose instead to straighten their hair. Many of them changed their minds, however, when they saw actress Cicely Tyson on television with cornrowed

Some Cute Hairstyles For Kids

There are many cute hairstyles for kids. It seems that kids are becoming very fashionable, especially when it comes to their haircuts. There are so many styles available and the one that your child chooses should really match her personality.

Young boys have a lot more options than they once did. They are able to get crew cuts and make their hair nice and spiky. A lot of this is due to many great hair products coming onto the market. It is a lot easier to get a boys hair to stand up then it used to be.

It is best, though, to get a simple style for kids. This makes it easier to style their hair in the morning. Most parents do want to spend hours doing their children’s hair. The more simple the better, really. When kids are old enough to do their own hair then they should get more complicated styles if they wish to.

Many girls are growing their hair really long or else they are cutting it very short. Either way is cute. It just depends on how much time the parents want to spend styling their hair. When girls have long hair, it can easily be braided

Hair Loss Treatments For Women

It is an unfortunate reality that women as well as men suffer from some form of Alopecia also known as hair loss, thinning hair, or balding. The good news though is that there are treatments for women that are very effective. It is important to understand how women experience these problems as opposed to men. There is a normal hair growth cycle that when disrupted will result in hair loss. Treatment options are available as well for women.

Hair problems in Women as Opposed to Blandness in Men

Men and women experience hair problems differently. Hair ailments in women begins as a thinning of hair all over the head. Balding may also be noted along the line in a woman’s hair called a part. This can be caused by tight hair styles such as ponytails and braids. It can also occur if hair lies in an unnatural position for too long a period of time.

Men begin to note a receding hairline that starts at the temples and continues toward the back of the head in an m shape. This can result in balding on the top of the head and in some cases complete balding. Many people opt to let nature take

Learn the Few Things About Pocket Watches for Men

Time is the most precious thing on earth. It has a great significance on our lives and every single moment we spend in doing things we love to do. To manage time, is the art to manage life.”

Indeed, time cannot be captivated as it does not wait for anyone. However, you sure can totally admire it in one way – through a watch! Speaking of watches, a watch, for that instance, is a dandy’s relic from old-days long gone by. This archaic piece of accessory is one of the rarest things these days, but many men still believe it to be a man’s best accessory without which their wardrobe is incomplete.

A man’s wardrobe and the accessories he owns is the most important part of his image and style quotient in fashion. A wristwatch is conveniently and commonly owned by many men in today’s time, but to own and sport a watch takes the right amount of sentiments and elegance in personality. These watches for men represent the apex of the watch design, style, luxury, grace, and hold great historical and family sentimental values. These timepieces can speak volumes of a man’s personality to every detail of his character. As watches

Cool Features of Military Watches for Men

A decade ago, military watches for men are mostly worn by military people and police so that they can perform their mission and synchronize their moves with their troops. They have extreme precision and accuracy and can perform in the most trying of conditions, as they are durable and have functions such as altimeter to serve its purpose. But the modern version of military watches are packed with more beneficial and handy functions, combined with sleek and trendy designs. This makes the military watches more versatile which can suit a wider variety of consumers, namely military personnel, outdoor activities enthusiasts, as well as neutral consumers looking to add a touch of robustness yet elegant look to their wardrobe.

Here are a few cool features of the modern military watches for men:

Night vision. Many top notch brands of military watches for men (Luminox, Traser H3, Suunto) uses the H3 tritium technology which enables the user to look at their watches even in complete darkness. This amazing state of the art technology enables the watch to glow for 25 years without any battery. Talk about convenience.
Durability. Go for watches that are made of titanium as they are one of the toughest elements

Best Gift Ideas For Men During Special Occasions

Most men really love to receive gifts from special people close to them. You can give a man close to your heart with cool gifts during special occasions. There are a lot of things that you can give. Keep in mind to always consider his hobbies, food that he likes and the entertainment that he wants. There are some tips that you must know.


You must always consider his hobbies when you want to buy him gifts. Keep in mind that he will probably enjoy gifts that he can use in his activities. If he likes to engage in sports, try sports gear that he can use in his activity. You can also buy tickets for concerts if he loves music.


Keep in mind that most men love to eat. He will surely appreciate your gift if he is able to eat it. There are a lot of things that you can consider. Cookies and pastries that you can make at home are good options. You can also give gift certificates from his favorite restaurant or from the grocery store.


He will surely love going to concerts and games. This is a good idea that you can consider. Try

Tips On Buying Watches For Men

Whether you are considering buying a men’s watch for a gift, or you are planning to buy one for yourself, there are some essential things that you need to consider before making the final purchasing decision in India. A men’s watch in an important accessory in regards to their ensemble and here are some tips on buying watches for men whether for yourself or for someone as a gift.

Consider The Lifestyle – one of the important things to consider before buying a men’s watch is the lifestyle. You can consider your own lifestyle if you are buying a watch for yourself or you can consider the lifestyle of the person to whom you will be gifting the watch. Having enough information about the recipient’s lifestyle, you will have a better idea about the type of watches that you should be looking for in India.

It is true that not all men like the idea of buying or having two watches, but having two watches has its benefits. Firstly, you can have a dressier watch when you are dressing up for work and you can have a more casual watch if you are hanging out with friends or working in your backyard.


Fashion Tips for Those Who Are Clueless

A lot of us are completely clueless when it comes to fashion. This is not surprising. Fashion is not easy to follow anyway. Fashion changes so fast. It is almost impossible for most average people to catch up.

But fortunately, most of us are not in the business of fashion. You do not need to get a p.h.d. degree in it. We just need to know enough about fashion to be able to dress well.

If you are reading this article right now, you are probably a clueless person. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will gain some fashion knowledge that will help you to dress better.

Sometimes It Is Good to Wear a Belt

This tip is for a man. If you are a man, you should wear a belt especially when you are tucking the shirt into the pants. This makes you look more professional. You will look really strange when you wear pants without a belt.

Clothes Know No Occasions!

People tend to wear certain clothes on certain occasions. For example, for the Chinese, they tend to wear red color clothes during Chinese New Year. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot wear red if it is not the Chinese New Year period. There

How to Attract a Man

The ritual of courtship is essentially a waltz involving the two genders. In this dance, males are perceived as the aggressive side. Potential mates should be persuaded that they are able and worthy after he has sought them out. On the other hand, females are perceived to be more passive. A girl must rely upon her talents in charming and intriguing guys. Known by the simpler term flirting, this is the action of alluring men. It is a vital ingredient of ties between girl and guys. Flirting involving non-romantic people is also not unusual. Here, we concentrate on romantic flirting for women. A woman should concentrate on four items in order to flirt effectively and attract a man successful.

Attention to appearance, attention to clothing, proper use of nonverbal signals, and proper positioning are these four. Attention to physical looks, through styling of coiffure and judicious use of make-up will be vital for a woman’s self-assurance. Following, if a woman is confident in her appearance, it leaves her with one item less to fret about in the flirting process. Hair needs to be kept washed and brushed well. Make-up should be applied to enhance positive aspects or de-emphasize negative ones.

Prevailing upon

Simple Fashion Tips For the Fashionable Man

Your simple sense for fashion really isn’t asking all that much is it? Trying to look good on a regular basis is not such a bad thing especially when many societies are built on first impressions. No matter what you do for a living or what college you went to, looking your best is important. Whether you’re going to work, go out with friends, or over to your parents house, dressing for what the occasion should be fairly simple.

If you are a guy for example, who has a natural sense of fashion this comes easy for you. On the other hand perhaps a sense of fashion does not come natural. Regardless, mens fashion today is a thriving industry because of the thirst to look good for every occasion. If you need a slight boost in your fashion sense then the following mens fashion tips will help you determine what to wear when trying to look your best.

There is always an outfit that will fit every occasion, your physique, and your skin tone. In the workplace these days many offices are now taking a slightly laid back approach. Not such a bad thing right? But take pre-caution. You still need to

How to Dress Well for Your Height

If you are a tall man measuring 6 ft or over you probably already know that there is a shortage of clothing that caters for your height. It seems manufacturers pay more attention to the shorter man, leaving it to specialist retailers to cater for taller fashion customers – and these specialist clothing items usually come with a hefty price tag!

It seems the world is against those over a certain height. You only have to cram yourself into an airplane or rental car seat to work that out. Pants, short pants and even shirts can also be hard to cram into – tall guys often have to buy larger fashion shirts as a result, but this can often mean the arms are too long causing them to blouse out unnaturally.

A tall man should avoid things like bright colors and vertical stripes. Just dress for the season and color must be universal and it all depends on how you pull it off with the rest of your look. There are many subtle ways to wear all the looks for a tall guy.

As a tall man you need to be comfortable in your clothes and with your look. If you are wearing